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Serving in the U.S. Army since 2002, rapper Young Bank$ (Banks) is no stranger to the discipline it takes to succeed. Although he has served in both Afghanistan and Iraq, his desire is to engage the crowd in the U.S. on the mic as often as possible. He became interested in the music industry after receiving an early song demo from his cousins, Da*1 & Capril, and learning they were becoming a group. While spending time looking into the music business, he realized this was a career path he would aggressively pursue. Young Bank$ states, “The comradery with my Kuzzins, the creative process, and working with them makes this whole experience fulfilling. Fam First has always been my motto and represents why my 1st Kuzzins bond is so tight!” Twitter @PartyPooper83

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DA1 is CEO of the Houston based independent record label Rapture Recordz LLC. As a CEO, mother and philanthropist DA1 started Rapture Recordz to one day be able to give back and because she lives, eats,and breath music. “Music is my passion. I don’t do it for the money.” says DA1.

Using her own money to start Rapture Recordz, DA1 dodged major record labels so she can create real music and cultivate authentic exceptional artist. DA1 is apart of 1st Kuzzins which was the first group signed to the label. Their album entitled “Taking the World by Storm” was released in 2011. The album features Down South great Lil Keke and Nationwide 4/20 leader Devin the Dude. Their single ‘Working my Wrist’ featuring Lil Keke has a smashing hi def video that should be on your tv screens real soon.

Twitter @Da_One_Rapture

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Listen to Rich Man feat. D-Maub & Gideonz Army

Young and focused, Bobby “Tre9” Herring started Much Luvv Records, a Christian record label, in 1998. Since its inception, Much Luvv Records has released over 17 albums and changed the lives of thousands.

In October 2008, God called Tre9 to full-time missions; which led to the formation of All Eyes on Me, Inc., a non-profit organization that serves the youth and homeless in Houston. Growing up as an inner city teen himself, Tre9 always had a passion and gift to minister to inner city adolescents. This passion later gave rise to Hip Hope Tuesday, a non-traditional church Tre9 pastors in Houston’s 5th ward that uses hip hop to spread the word of God. Along with the help of his wife, Amanda, and faithful volunteers, he also manages Feed a Friend Ministries; which feeds the homeless in downtown Houston.

The impact that Tre9 has had can be felt beyond the confines of Houston, TX. He also has an international focus on missions in the U.K. Brazil, and Jamaica, where he has travelled annually for public outreach. He was also honored at the 2010 Ensound Music Awards as a trailblazer in Christian hip-hop for co-founding, a leading news source and media site for Christian hip-hop culture.

Tre9 launched his latest venture, Hip Hop Hope Unity Conferences, in 2011. These conferences educate, equip, and inspire Christian hip-hop artists to have a mission mindset, discover their calling, and unify for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Although Tre9 has many different ministries, he has one single mission—changing people’s lives through Christ.

Twitter @tre9online

1st Kuzzins


What happens when you take a group of cousins and put them on the mic? You get the diverse and unique sounds of 1st Kuzzin’s. Hailing form the great state of Texas, it is no wonder why their sound is so big. 1st Kuzzin’s consists of Young Bank$, Lil Capri, J Lip and Da*1. This tight knit family has been in the making for over 8 years, and is ready to “Take the World by Storm,” which is the title of their new album.

From the crafty lyrics and clearly dictated vocals of Lil Capri, J Lip and Young Banks to the sassy attitude of Da*1, this family is diversely dope! You won’t hear too many groups with the ability to make your head bob, deliver solid lyrics, lace up top notch production, and never sound monotonous or boring, like these Houston based MC’s. Never to be outshined, 1st Kuzzin’s have worked alongside the national Screwed Up Click legend Lil Keke and Coffee Brothers point man Devin the Dude. It is their cohesiveness as a group in the studio and live in concert that allows them to stand out at amongst all others.

1st Kuzzin’s have completed their first music video for the hit single, “Workin My Wrist.” The song features Lil Keke and has already been blazing a trail for the album. It’s only a matter of time before 1st Kuzzin’s becomes a household name amongst the best hip hop groups around. Whether it’s on or off the stage, you can be assured that 1st Kuzzin’s will always represent with excellence.
Twitter @1stKuzzins

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